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TIG030TS의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "N-Channel IGBT Light-Controlling Flash Applications" 입니다.

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TIG030TS 기능
N-Channel IGBT Light-Controlling Flash Applications
Sanyo Semicon Device
Sanyo Semicon Device 로고 

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Ordering number : ENA0637A TIG030TS SANYO Semiconductors DATA SHEET TIG030TS Features • • • • • • N-Channel IGBT Light-Controlling Flash Applications Low-saturation voltage. 4V drive. Enhansment type. Built-in gate-to-emitter protection diode. Mounting height 1.1mm, mounting area 19.2mm2. dv / dt guarantee.* Specifications Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25°C Parameter Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Gate-to-Emitter Voltage (DC) Gate-to-Emitter Voltage (Pulse) Collector Current (Pulse) Maximum Collector-to-Emitter dv / dt Channel Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VCES VGES VGES ICP dVCE / dt Tch Tstg PW≤1ms

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www.DataSheet4U.com TIG030TS SW Time -- IC 5 RL=2.2Ω, Tc=25°C 3 VGE=4V, RG=82Ω 2 tf PW=50µs td(off) 1000 7 5 3 tr 2 100 7 5 10 2 160 CM=400µF 140 120 td(on) 3 5 7 100 Collector Current, IC -- A ICP -- VGE Tc=25°C Tc=70°C 23 IT11963 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 12 345 6 78 Gate-to-Emitter Voltage, VGE -- V IT09937 600 Tc=25°C 500 400 Turn OFF dv / dt -- RG Xe -Tube Load VCC=330V, ICP=120A, VGE=4V, PW=50µs Driver : SANYO TND721MH5 300 200 100 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Gate Series Resistance, RG -- Ω IT11964 CM -- ICP 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 VCM=330V Tc≤70°C 50 VGE=4V 0 RG≥50Ω 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Collector Current (Pulse), ICP -- A 140 160 IT11965 Note : TIG030TS has protection diode between gate and emitter but handling it requires sufficient care to be taken. SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. assumes no responsibility for equipment failures that result from using products at values that exceed, even momentarily, rated values (such as maximum ratings, operating condition ranges, or other parameters) listed in products specifications of any and all SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. products described or contained herein. SANYO Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. strives to supply high-quality high-reliability products, however, any and all semiconductor products fail or malfunction with some probability. It is possible that these probabilistic failures or malfunction could give rise to accidents or events that could endanger human lives, trouble that could give rise to smoke or fire, or accidents that could cause damage to other property. When designing equipment, adopt safety measures so that these kinds of accidents or events cannot occur.

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TIG030TS datasheet
TIG030TS pinouts
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N-Channel IGBT Light-Controlling Flash Applications

Sanyo Semicon Device
Sanyo Semicon Device

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