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MR3025 기능
Medium-Current Silicon Rectifiers
ON Semiconductor
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TRA2525 MR3025 Medium-Current Silicon Rectifiers 250 Volts, 25 Amperes Compact, highly efficient silicon rectifiers for medium–current applications requiring: • High Current Surge — 400 Amperes @ TJ = 175°C • Peak Performance @ Elevated Temperature — 25 Amperes • Low Cost • Compact, Molded Package for Optimum Efficiency in a Small Case Configuration Mechanical Characteristics MICRODE BUTTON CASE 193 • Finish: All External Surfaces are Corrosion Resistant, and Contact • • • • Areas are Readily Solderable Polarity: Indicated by Cathode Band Weight: 1.8 Grams (Approximately) Maximum Tempera

Contents of page 4 out of 8 pages : 100 10–1 TRA2525 MR3025 RqJC(t) = RqJC • r(t) Note 1 10–2 0.1 1 10 t, TIME (ms) Figure 6. Thermal Response 100 300 NOTE 1 Ppk tp t1 Ppk DUTY CYCLE, D = tp/t1 PEAK POWER, Ppk is peak of an equivalent square power pulse To determine maximum junction temperature of the diode in a given situation, the following procedure is recommended. The temperature of the case should be measured using a thermocou- ple placed on the case at the temperature reference point (see the outline drawing on page 1). The thermal mass connected to the case is normally large enough so that it will not significantly respond to heat surges generated in the diode as a result of pulse operation once steady state conditions are achieved. Using the measured value of TC, the junction temperature may be determined by: TJ = TC + DTJC Where DTJC is the increase in junction temperature above the case temperature, it may be determined by: DTJC = Ppk @ RqJC [D + (1 – D) @ r(t1 + tp) + r(tp) – r(t1)] where: r(t) = normalized value of transient thermal resistance at time, t, from Figure 6, i.e.: r(t1 + tp) = normalized value of transient thermal resistance at time t1 + tp. 1000 100 TJ = 25°C 10 0.1 1 10 VR, REVERSE VOLTAGE (V) Figure 7. Typical Capacitance 100 1 VF TJ = 25°C TFR VFR VFR = 1.0 V 0.1 1 VFR = 2.0 V IF, FORWARD CURRENT (A) Figure 8. Forward Recovery Time 10 100 IF

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MR3025 datasheet
MR3025 pinouts
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Medium-Current Silicon Rectifiers

ON Semiconductor
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