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Twin Relay
NEC Electronics
NEC Electronics 로고 

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AUTOMOTIVE RELAYS Twin Relays EN2/EP2 Series Single Relays EP1/MR301 Series JC–13003D (5th edition) August 1995 M Printed in Japan © 1992 DESCRIPTION The EN2, EP2, EPI and MR301 series power relays can meet the requirements of high quality and reliability in automotive eIectronics applications. The EN2 and EP2 series are the twin relays which have two units in one package and smaller than conventional two relays. These relays are divided into two types for different usage. One is H bridge type and the other is separate type. The EN2 series is suitable for heavy load applications (35 A max.). The EP2 seri

Contents of page 4 out of 12 pages : EP2 Series FEATURES q Twin relay for motor and solenoid reversible control q 50% Iess relay space than conventional two relays q Contact switching current of 25 A max. q High performance and productivity by unique symmetrical structure q Flux tight housing q Delivered in stick-tube for automatic insertion machine q Washable type available PART NUMBERS AND COIL RATINGS Part Numbers H Bridge Type Separate Type Nominal Voltage (Vdc) EP2-3N1S EP2-3N1ST 12 EP2-3N2S EP2-3N2ST 12 EP2-3N3S EP2-3N3ST 12 EP2-4N3S EP2-4N3ST 12 EP2-4N4S EP2-4N4ST 12 EP2-4N5S EP2-4N5ST 12 Coil Resistance (Ω ± 10%) 225 225 225 300 300 300 Nominal Current (mA) 53.3 53.3 53.3 40.0 40.0 40.0 Must Must Operate Voltage Release Voltage (Vdc max.) (Vdc min.) at 25˚C (77˚F) Nominal Operate Power (W) 6.5 0.9 0.64 7.0 0.9 0.64 7.5 0.9 0.64 7.5 0.9 0.48 8.0 0.9 0.48 8.5 0.9 0.48 s PART NUMBER SYSTEM EP2-B3L1ST Nil : Standard type B : High current type 3 : 225 Ω ± 10% 4 : 300 Ω ± 10% L : Silver oxide complex alloy type I N : Silver oxide complex alloy type II G : Silver oxide complex alloy (High current type) Type Carrying Current Capacity Coil Resistance (at 25°C) Contact Material Wiring Enclosure Operate Voltage (at 25°C) Nil : H bridge type T : Sparate type Nil : Unsealed S : Ssaled 1 : 6.5 V max. 2 : 7.0 V max. 3 : 7.5 V max. 4 : 8.0 V max. 5 : 8.5 V max. 4

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MR301-xxxx datasheet
MR301-xxxx pinouts
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Twin Relay

NEC Electronics
NEC Electronics

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