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MX98745의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "100 BASE-TX/FX REPEATER CONTROLLER" 입니다.

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PRELIMINARY MX98745 100 BASE-TX/FX REPEATER CONTROLLER 1.0 FEATURES • IEEE 802.3u D5 repeater and management compatible • Support 7 TX/FX ports and 1 universal port (TX or MII port selectable) • Support 8-scale utilization and collision rate LED display • Asynchronous Expansion port clock supported for easily stackable application • Separate jabber and partition state machines for each port • On-chip elasticity buffer for PHY signal re-timing to the MX98745 clock source • Contents of internal register loaded from EEPROM • PCS/MAC type MII interface selectable • CMOS device features high integration and low power

Contents of page 4 out of 30 pages : MX98745 5.0 PIN DESCRIPTION A. MX Data Transceiver (Am78965/Am78966 or MC68836), 98 pins PAD # 24-28 9-13 155-159 142-146 128-132 113-117 98-102 30 Name TDAT[7:1][0:4] LSCLK I/O O, TTL I, TTL 18-22 4-8 150-154 137-141 122-126 107-111 92-96 15,2 148,134 118,104 90,42 16,3, 149,135, 119,105, 91 31 RDAT[7:1][0:4] RSCLK[7:0] SIGDET[7:1] Monitor I, TTL I, TTL I, TTL I, TTL Description Transmit Data. These five outputs are 5B encoded transmit data sym bols, driven at the rising edge of LSCLK. TDAT4 is the Most Significant Bit. Local Synchrnous Clock. This pin supplies the frequency reference to the MX98745 within same HUB. It should be driven by a crystal- controlled 25M clock source. Receive Data. These 5 bit parallel data symbol from transceiver are latched by the rising edge of RSCLK of each port. RDAT4 is the Most Significant Bit. Recovered Symbol Clock. This is a 25 MHz clock, which is derived from the clock synchronization PLL circuit. Signal Detect. This signal indicates that the received signal is above the detection threshold and will be used for the link test state machine. Monitor Mode. Internal Pulldown. When this pin is set to one, LED display pins LED[9:0] will be changed to monitor mode. Table 5-1 Pin Description for XRCII P/N:PM0427 REV. 1.4, JUL. 8, 1998 4

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MX98745 datasheet
MX98745 pinouts
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