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MMSZ5261의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "(MMSZ5225 - MMSZ5267) Small Signal Zener Diodes" 입니다.

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(MMSZ5225 - MMSZ5267) Small Signal Zener Diodes
Vishay Intertechnology
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MMSZ5225 to MMSZ5267 Vishay Semiconductors Small Signal Zener Diodes Features • Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes. • Standard Zener voltage tolerance is ± 5 % with a "B" suffix, suffix “C” is ± 2 % tolerance • These diodes are also available in MiniMELF case with the designation TZM5225 ...TZM5267, DO-35 case with type designation 1N5225 ... 1N5267 and SOT-23 case with the type designation MMBZ5225 ... MMBZ5267. 17431 Mechanical Data Case: SOD-123 Plastic case Weight: approx. 9.3 mg Packaging codes/options: GS18 / 10 k per 13 " reel (8 mm tape), 10 k/box GS08 / 3 k per 7 " reel (8 mm tape), 15 k/box Absolute Maximu

Contents of page 4 out of 4 pages : to MMSZ5267 Vishay Semiconductors Ozone Depleting Substances Policy Statement It is the policy of Vishay Semiconductor GmbH to 1. Meet all present and future national and international statutory requirements. 2. Regularly and continuously improve the performance of our products, processes, distribution and operatingsystems with respect to their impact on the health and safety of our employees and the public, as well as their impact on the environment. It is particular concern to control or eliminate releases of those substances into the atmosphere which are known as ozone depleting substances (ODSs). The Montreal Protocol (1987) and its London Amendments (1990) intend to severely restrict the use of ODSs and forbid their use within the next ten years. Various national and international initiatives are pressing for an earlier ban on these substances. Vishay Semiconductor GmbH has been able to use its policy of continuous improvements to eliminate the use of ODSs listed in the following documents. 1. Annex A, B and list of transitional substances of the Montreal Protocol and the London Amendments respectively 2. Class I and II ozone depleting substances in the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA 3. Council Decision 88/540/EEC and 91/690/EEC Annex A, B and C (transitional substances) respectively. Vishay Semiconductor GmbH can certify that our semiconductors

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MMSZ5261 datasheet
MMSZ5261 pinouts
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Zener Diode ( Rectifier )


(MMSZ5225 - MMSZ5267) Small Signal Zener Diodes

Vishay Intertechnology
Vishay Intertechnology

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