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DABiC-5 8-Bit Serial Input Latched Sink Drivers
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Data Sheet 26185.114B A6841 DABiC-5 8-Bit Serial Input Latched Sink Drivers The merging of low-power CMOS logic and bipolar output power drivers permit the A6841 integrated circuits to be used in a wide variety of peripheral power driver applications. Each device has an eight-bit CMOS shift register and CMOS control circuitry, eight CMOS data latches, and eight bipolar current-sinking Darlington output drivers. The 500 mA NPN Darlington outputs, with integral transient-suppression diodes, are suitable for use with relays, solenoids, and other inductive loads. All package variations of the A6841 offer premium performance with a min

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www.DataSheet4U.com A6841 DABiC-5 8-Bit Serial Input Latched Sink Drivers Timing Requirements and Specifications (Logic Levels are VDD and Ground) C CLOCK 50% SERIAL DATA IN SERIAL DATA OUT AB DATA 50% t p(CH-SQX) 50% D E DATA STROBE 50% OUTPUT ENABLE OUT N OUTPUT ENABLE OUT N LOW = ALL OUTP UTS E NABLE D tp(STH-QH) tp(STH-QL) 90% DATA 10% HIGH = ALL OUTP UTS BLANKE D (DIS ABLE D) 50% t dis(BQ) t en(BQ) tr DATA 10% tf 90% 50% Key Description A Data Active Time Before Clock Pulse (Data Set-Up Time) B Data Active Time After Clock Pulse (Data Hold Time) C Clock Pulse Width D Time Between Clock Activation and Strobe E Strobe Pulse Width Symbol tsu(D) th(D) tw(CH) tsu(C) tw(STH) Time (ns) 25 25 50 100 50 NOTE: Timing is representative of a 10 MHz clock. Higher speeds may be attainable; operation at high temperatures will reduce the specified maxi- mum clock frequency. Powering-on with the inputs in the low state ensures that the registers and latches power-on in the low state (POR). Serial Data present at the input is transferred to the shift register on the logical 0 to logical 1 transition of the CLOCK input pulse. On succeeding CLOCK pulses, the registers shift data information towards the SERIAL DATA OUT- PUT. The SERIAL DATA must appear at the input prior to the rising edge of the CLOCK input waveform. Information present at any register is transferred to the respective latch when the STROBE is high (serial-to-parallel conversion). The latches will continue to accept new data as long as the STROBE is held high. Applica- tions where the

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A6841 datasheet
A6841 pinouts
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DABiC-5 8-Bit Serial Input Latched Sink Drivers

Allegro MicroSystems
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