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Panasonic에서 제조한 전자 부품 A684은 전자 산업 및 응용 분야에서
광범위하게 사용되는 반도체 소자입니다.

A684의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "PNP Transistor - 2SA684" 입니다.

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A684 기능
PNP Transistor - 2SA684
Panasonic 로고 

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Transistors 2SA0683, 2SA0684 (2SA683, 2SA684) Silicon PNP epitaxial planar type Unit: mm ■ Features • Complementary pair with 2SC1383 and 2SC1384 • Allowing supply with the radial taping ■ Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25°C Parameter Collector-base voltage (Emitter open) 2SA0683 2SA0684 VCEO VEBO IC ICP PC Tj Tstg Symbol VCBO Rating −30 −60 −25 −50 −5 −1 −1.5 1 150 −55 to +150 V A A W °C °C V 1 2 3 Unit V 0.45+0.2 –0.1 (1.27) (1.27) 0.45+0.2 –0.1 13.5±0.5 0.7+0.3 –0.2 0.7±0.1 8.6±0.2 For low-frequency power amplification and driver amplification Complementary to 2SC1383, 2SC1384 5.9±0.2

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A684 datasheet
A684 pinouts
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