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RT9245C 기능
Multi-Phase PWM Controller
Richtek Technology
Richtek Technology 로고 

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RT9245C Multi-Phase PWM Controller for CPU Core Power Supply General Description RT9245C is a multi-phase buck DC/DC controller integrated with all control functions for AMD K8 CPU or Intel ® GHz CPU which is VRD10.x-compliant. The RT9245C could be operated with 2, 3 or 4 buck switching stages operating in interleaved phase set automatically. The multiphase architecture provides high output current while maintaining low power dissipation on power devices and low stress on input and output capacitors. The high equivalent operating frequency also reduces the component dimension and the output voltage ripple in load transient. RT9245

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RT9245C Functional Pin Description VID4 (Pin 1), VID3 (Pin 2), VID2 (Pin 3), VID1 (Pin 4), VID0 (Pin 5) DAC voltage identification inputs for VRD10.x. These pins are internally pulled to 1.2V (VRD10.x) or 2.1V (K8) if left open. VID125/VIDSEL (Pin 6) When this pin pull low or left pen -->VR10 VID input, pull high to 5V -->K8. SGND (Pin 7) VCORE differential sense negative input. FB (Pin 8) Inverting input of the internal error amplifier. COMP (Pin 9) Output of the error amplifier and input of the PWM comparator. PGOOD (Pin 10) Power good open-drain output. DVD (Pin 11) Programmable power UVLO detection input. Trip threshold = 1.0V at VDVD rising. SS (Pin 12) Connect this SS pin to GND with a capacitor to set the soft-start time interval. RT (Pin 13) Switching frequency setting. Connect this pin to GND with a resistor to set the frequency. VOSS (Pin 14) VCORE initial value offset. Connect this pin to GND with a resistor to set the negative offset value. Connect this pin to VCC to set positive offset value. IMAX (Pin 15) Programmable over currert setting. CSN (Pin 16) Current sense negative input of all channels. IOUT (Pin 17) Output Current Indication Pin. The current through IOUT pin is proportional to the output current. ADJ (Pin 18) Current sense output for active droop adjust. Connect a resistor from this pin to GND to set the load droop. GND (Pin 19) Ground for the

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RT9245C datasheet
RT9245C pinouts
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Multi-Phase PWM Controller

Richtek Technology
Richtek Technology

Multi-Phase PWM Controller

Richtek Technology
Richtek Technology

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