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1015.5 cover 03-10-2003 11:48 Pagina 2 CVBS B/Pb/Cb H L L L VGA 1 R RS232 ~ MAINS DVI-D VGA 2 AUDIO IN VGA 2 RC-OUT R R G/Y/Y R/Pr/Cr AV3 V AUDIO IN VGA 1 DVI-D Y/C S-VHS AUDIO IN AUDIO IN AV2 AV1 1 2 1015.5 en 12-11-2003 11:12 Pagina 1 Unpacking and wall mounting instructions For the unpacking instructions follow the illustrated steps printed on the packaging (outside and inside). For the wall mounting instructions follow the illustrated steps ‘ to § printed on the separate template and in the supplied booklet. Make sure that the wall mount is being fixed securely enough so that it me

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1015.5 en 12-11-2003 11:12 Pagina 3 www.DataSheet4U.com Use of the remote control VGA press repeatedly to select your computer connected to the VGA 1 or 2 connector or to the DVI-D connector. AV1, AV2, AV3 press to select the peripherals connected to the connector indicated on the monitor. Note: in case the monitor is operating in combination with an electronic receiver box, the AV inputs on the monitor will be disabled and the VGA2 connector becomes an output. POWER B VGA AV1 AV2 AV3 BRIGHTNESS CONTRAST ZOOM ON/OFF ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT BRIGHTNESS +/- to adjust the brightness level of the picture CONTRAST +/- to adjust the contrast level of the picture ZOOM ON/OFF to activate/de-activate the zoom function. See p. 5. ZOOM IN/OUT to adjust the zoom factor and to change the magnification of the picture when zoom is activated. See p. 5. MENU OK V MUTE ¬ 1 4 7 AV MUTE 2 5 8 0 CH/PR 3 6 9 q B to switch to standby or on again MENU to switch the menu on/off cursor buttons to select your choice and to alter a selected adjustment. OK to activate your choice V press - or + to adjust the volume ¬ Mute button Mute the sound or restore it CH/PR Program selection To browse through the sources selected. AV MUTE to mute the picture and the sound or restore it (if the monitor is used in monitor mode). When activated a green indicator starts blinking in front of the monitor. q Picture format See Picture 2 menu, p. 5. Press the q button

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37FD9954 datasheet
37FD9954 pinouts
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