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Fairchild Semiconductor에서 제조한 전자 부품 FDMF6700은 전자 산업 및 응용 분야에서
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FDMF6700의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "Driver plus FET Multi-chip Module" 입니다.

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FDMF6700 기능
Driver plus FET Multi-chip Module
Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor 로고 

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FDMF6700 Driver plus FET Multi-chip Module May 2007 FDMF6700 Driver plus FET Multi-chip Module Benefits „ Fully optimized system efficiency. Higher efficiency levels are achievable compared with conventional discrete components. „ Space savings of up to 50% PCB versus discrete solutions. „ Higher frequency of operation. „ Simpler system design and board layout. Reduced time in component selection and optimization. tm General Description The FDMF6700 is a fully optimized integrated 12V Driver plus MOSFET power stage solution for high current synchronous buck DC-DC applications. The device integrates a driver IC and two Power MOSFETs into a space

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Electrical Characteristics .VIN = 12V, TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted Parameter Symbol Conditions PWM Input Low Voltage PWM Input Current Output Disable Input High Voltage Output Disable Input Low Voltage Output Disable Input Current Output Stage Leakage Current Propagation Delay VIL(PWM) IPWM VIH(DISB) VIL(DISB) IDISB IIN_LEAKAGE tPDL(LDRV)(3) tPDL(HDRV)(3) tPDH(LDRV)(3) tPDH(HDRV)(3) VDISB = 0V VIN = 12V, VOUT = 1.3V, fsw = 500KHz, IO = 25A Min. -1 2.5 -1 Typ. 250 41 37 34 53 Max. 0.8 1 0.8 1 Units V µA V V µA µA ns ns ns ns Note 1: Package power dissipation based on 4 layer, 2 square inch, 2 oz. copper pad. RθJPCB is the steady state junction to PCB thermal resistance with PCB temperature referenced at VSWH pin. Note 2: When combined with controller, driver UVLO must be less than that of controller. Note 3: tPDL(LDRV/HRDV) refers to HIGH-to-LOW transition, tPDH(LDRV/HDRV) refers to LOW-to-HIGH transition. www.DataSheet4U.com FDMF6700 Rev. B 4 www.fairchildsemi.com

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FDMF6700 datasheet
FDMF6700 pinouts
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Driver plus FET Multi-chip Module

Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor

High Frequency DrMOS Module

Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor

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