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SPE6V8UH의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "Ultra Low Capacitance 4 -Line ESD Protection Array" 입니다.

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Ultra Low Capacitance 4 -Line ESD Protection Array

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SPE6V8UH Ultra Low Capacitance 4 -Line ESD Protection Array DESCRIPTION The SPE6V8UH is 4-channel very low capacitance ESD transient voltage suppressor which provides a very high level of protection for sensitive electronic components that may be subjected to electrostatic discharge. It is particularly well-suited to protect systems with high speed communication lines from ESD, EFT, and lighting. The SPE6V8UH is consists of eight low capacitance steering diodes and a TVS diode in a MSOP-10L package. Each channel of SPE6V8UH could safely dissipate ESD strikes of ±15kV air discharge as well as ±8kV contact discharge, meeting the requirement of the IEC

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SPE6V8UH Ultra Low Capacitance 4 -Line ESD Protection Array SCHEMATIC & PIN CONFIGURATION APPLICATION INFORMATION The HDMI Compliance Test Specification (CTS) requires sink (receiver) ports maintain a differential impedance of 100 Ohms +/- 15%. The measurement is taken using a Time Domain Reflect (TDR) method that utilizes a pulse with a rise time <= 200ps.ESD protection devices have an inherent junction capacitance. Even a small amount of added capacitance on an HDMI port will cause the impedance of the differential pair to drop. As such, some form of compensation to the layout will be required to bring the differential pairs back within the required 100Ohm +/-15% range. The higher the added capacitance, the more extreme the modifications will need to be. If the added capacitance is too high, compensation may not even be possible. The SPE6V8UH presents <1pF capacitance between the pairs while being rated to handle >8KV ESD contact discharges(>15KV air discharge) as outlined in IEC 61000-4-2.As such, it is possible to make minor adjustments to the board layout parameters to compensate for the added capacitance of the SPE6V8UH. As figure shows how to implement the SPE6V8UH in an HDMI application (transmitter and receiver). www.DataSheet4U.com 2009/ 06 / 20 Ver.1 Page 4

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SPE6V8UH datasheet
SPE6V8UH pinouts
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Ultra Low Capacitance 4 -Line ESD Protection Array


Ultra Low Capacitance 4 -Line ESD Protection Array


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