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Samsung Secret Product information DATE : 21. Aug. 2012 SAMSUNG TFT-LCD MODEL : LTA460HB08-W The Information Described in this Specification is Preliminary and can be changed without prior notice Samsung Display Co . , LTD. MODEL LTA460HB08 Doc. No 06-000-G-20120821 Page 1 / 27 Contents Samsung Secret Revision History -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (3) General Description --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) General Information --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (4) 1. Abso

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General Description Samsung Secret Description LTA460HB08 is a color active matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses amorphous silicon TFT(Thin Film Transistor) as switching components. This model is composed of a TFT LCD panel, a driver circuit and a back light unit. The resolution of a 46.0“ is 1920 x 1080 and this model can display up to 16.7 Million colors with wide viewing angle of 89° or higher in all directions. This panel is intended to support applications to provide a excellent performance for Flat Panel Display such as Home-alone Multimedia TFT-LCD TV and High Definition TV. Features  RoHS compliance (Pb-free)  High contrast & aperture ratio with wide color gamut  SPVA(Super Patterned Vertical Align) mode  Wide viewing angle (±178°)  High speed response  FHD resolution (16:9)  Low Power consumption  Direct Type 22 CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp)  DE(Data Enable) mode  2Ch-LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) interface (2pixel/clock) General Information Items Module Size Weight Pixel Pitch Active Display Area Surface Treatment Display Colors Number of Pixels Pixel Arrangement Display Mode Luminance of White Specification 1047.4(HTYP) x 600.6(VTYP) 59.1(DMAX) 13,500 (Max.) 0.530(H) x 0.530(W) 885.6(H) X 498.15 (V) Anti Glare 8bit – 16.7M 1920 x 1080 RGB vertical stripe Normally Black 500 (Typ.) Unit mm g mm mm - Colors Pixel - - cd/m2 Note ±1.0mm MODEL LTA460HB08 Doc. No 06-000-G-20120821 Page 4 / 27

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LTA460HB08-W datasheet
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