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GS1086L 기능
1.5A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
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1.5A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Product Description The GS1086L is a low dropout three-terminal regulator with 1.5A output current capability. In order to obtain lower dropout voltage and fast transient response, this is critical for low voltage applications. The GS1086L has been optimized. The device is available in an adjustable version and fixed output voltage of 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V. Dropout voltage is guaranteed at a maximum of 1.3V at 1.5A. Current limit is trimmed to ensure specified output current and controlled short circuit current. On-chip thermal limiting provides protection against any combination of overload that would create

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Electrical Characteristics IOUT = 0 mA, and TJ = +25°C, unless otherwise noted Parameter Device Conditions MIN Reference Voltage (Note3) Output Voltage GS1086L GS1086L15 GS1086L18 GS1086L25 VIN =2.75V, ILOAD =10mA *VIN =2.7V to 12V, ILOAD =10mA to 1.5A VIN =4.0V *VIN =3.0V, ILOAD =10mA to 1.5A VIN =4.3V *VIN =3.3V, ILOAD =10mA to 1.5A VIN =5.0V *VIN =4.0V, ILOAD =10mA to 1.5A 1.238 1.225 1.485 1.476 1.782 1.771 2.475 2.460 Line Regulation (Note1) Load Regulation (Note1) GS1086L33 GS1086L50 All All VIN =5.8V *VIN =4.8V, ILOAD =10mA to 1.5A VIN =7.5V *VIN =6.5V, ILOAD =10mA to 1.5A *ILOAD =10mA, (1.5V+VOUT)≤V≤12V *VIN = VOUT+1.5V, ILOAD =10mA to 1.5A 3.267 3.247 4.950 4.900 Minimum Load Current GS1086L *VIN =5V, VADJ =0V Ground Pin Current Adjust Pin Current GS1086L-XX GS1086L *VIN = VOUT+1.5V, ILOAD =10mA to 1.5A *VIN =2.65V to 12V, ILOAD =10mA Current Limit Ripple Rejection (Note 2) All All *VIN- VOUT=1.5V VIN = VOUT+1.5V, 1.5 60 Dropout Voltage (Note 1,3) All ILOAD =10mA *VIN≥2.65V, ILOAD =1.5A Temperature Coefficient All *VIN =VOUT=1.5V, ILOAD =10mA The * denotes the specifications which apply over the full temperature range. Note 1: Low duty pulse testing with Kelvin connections required. Note 2: 120Hz input ripple (CADJ for ADJ=25μF) Note 3: ΔVOUT, ΔVREF=1% TYP 1.250 1.250 1.500 1.500 1.800 1.800 2.500 2.500 3.300 3.300 5.000 5.000 0.04 0.2 3 7 55 2.2 65 1.00 1.3 0.005 MAX 1.262 1.275 1.515 1.524 1.818 1.829 2.525 2.540 3.333 3.353 5.050 5.100 0.2 0.4 7 13 90 1.15 1.5 Unit V V V V V V V V V V V V % % mA mA μA A dB V V %/ºC 4

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1.5A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable Regulator

Vishay Siliconix
Vishay Siliconix

1.5A Low Dropout Positive Adjustable Regulator

Vishay Siliconix
Vishay Siliconix

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