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Tibbo Technology에서 제조한 전자 부품 EM200은 전자 산업 및 응용 분야에서
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EM200의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "Ethernet Module" 입니다.

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EM200 기능
Ethernet Module
Tibbo Technology
Tibbo Technology 로고 

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EM200 Ethernet Module The EM200 is an Ethernet Module for onboard installation. Module hardware includes one 100BaseT Ethernet port (standard Ethernet magnetics are NOT integrated into the Module), one serial port (CMOS-level) with a number of additional generalpurpose I/O lines, and an internal processor, whose firmware acts as a bridge between the Ethernet and serial ports. Ethernet "side" of the Module connects directly to a standard Ethernet magnetics circuit (such as YCL-PH163112) or RJ45 connector with integrated magnetics. Serial "side" interfaces directly to the serial port pins of most microcontrollers, microprocessors, UARTs, etc. From the ha

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Hardware Manuals 26 Logical signals on the serial port lines of the EM200 are active LOW. TX and RX lines are high when idle, start bit is LOW, stop bit is HIGH; LOW on CTS and RTS lines means "transmission allowed" and HIGH means "transmission not allowed". This is standard for CMOS-level serial ports and is exactly opposite to the signalling on the RS232 cables. Logical signals on the EM200 are inverted because standard interface ICs* invert the signals internally too. As explained earlier, actual functionality of the I/O lines is firmware-dependent. See serial port and serial communications for details. * Such as MAX232 for RS232, MAX485 for RS485, etc. LED lines #1 #2 #21 #22 EG EY L3 (SG) L4 (SR) Output Output Output Output Green Ethernet status LED Yellow Ethernet status LED LED output 3, Green status LED LED output 4, Red status LED Line functions defined by the application firmware are shown in blue The EM200 has four LED control lines. All lines have the same internal structure and the LEDs should be connected to these lines as shown on the schematic diagram below. Maximum load for each line is 10mA. EG and EY lines reflect the status of the Ethernet port. The EG LED is switched on whenever a live Ethernet connection is detected by the EM200's Ethernet port. The EG LED is momentarily switched off whenever the EM200

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EM200 datasheet
EM200 pinouts
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Ethernet Module

Tibbo Technology
Tibbo Technology

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