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IBM에서 제조한 전자 부품 ITXG76은 전자 산업 및 응용 분야에서
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ITXG76의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "XGA Color TFT LCD Module" 입니다.

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ITXG76 기능
XGA Color TFT LCD Module
IBM 로고 

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Global LCD Panel Exchange Center Engineering Specification Engineering Specification 14.1 inches XGA Color TFT/LCD Module Model Name:ITXG76 Document Control Number : OEM76-05 Note:Specification is subject to change without notice. Consequently it is better to contact to IBM before proceeding with the design of your product incorporating this module. Display Business Unit International Business Machines Corporation (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1999,2000 All Rights reserved. May 24,2000 OEM76-05 1/23 One step solution for LCD / PDP / OLED panel application: Datasheet, inventory and accessory! Global LCD Panel Exchan

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Global LCD Panel Exchange Center Engineering Specification 1.0 Handling Precautions 1) Since front polarizer is easily damaged, pay attention not to scratch it. 2) Be sure to turn off power supply when inserting or disconnecting from input connector. 3) Wipe off water drop immediately. Long contact with water may cause discoloration or spots. 4) When the panel surface is soiled, wipe it with absorbent cotton or other soft cloth. 5) Since the panel is made of glass, it may break or crack if dropped or bumped on hard surface. 6) Since CMOS LSI is used in this module, take care of static electricity and insure human earth when handling. 7) Do not open nor modify the Module Assembly. 8) Do not press the reflector sheet at the back of the module to any directions. 9) In case if a Module has to be put back into the packing container slot after once it was taken out from the container, do not press the center of the CFL Reflector edge. Instead, press at the far ends of the CFL Reflector edge softly. Otherwise the TFT Module may be damaged. 10) At the insertion or removal of the Signal Interface Connector, be sure not to rotate nor tilt the Interface Connector of the TFT Module. 11) After installation of the

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ITXG76 datasheet
ITXG76 pinouts
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TFT LCD Module


13.3 XGA Color TFT / LCD Module


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