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XC2406A816UR-G의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "1.6GHz ON/OFF Function LNA" 입니다.

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XC2406A816UR-G 기능
1.6GHz ON/OFF Function LNA
Torex Semiconductor
Torex Semiconductor 로고 

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XC2406A816UR-G 1.6GHz ON/OFF Function LNA ETR2704-002a GENERAL DESCRIPTION The XC2406A816UR-G is an ultra-low-noise amplifier (LNA) with low operating voltage, low noise figure (NF), low power consumption using CMOS process, The XC2406 is designed for GPS band frequency (1.6GHz). The IC's internal circuit can be placed in stand-by mode via the CE function, In the stand-by mode, consumption current is greatly reduced and there is no need to add external ON/OFF control function like LDO. External RBIAS can adjust power supply to any voltage of 1.71V~3.63V as self bias function. Standard power supply voltages are .3.45V, 3.00V, 2.85V and 1.80V. APPLICA

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XC2406A816UR-G ■ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS Power Supply Voltage CE Input Voltage Current Circuit RBIAS1 Input Voltage RBIAS2 Input Voltage RF Input Power RF_IN Input Voltege RF_OUT Input Voltege Power Dissipation VDD VCE IDD RBIAS1 RBIAS2 PIN VRF_IN VRF_OUT Pd -0.3~4.0 -0.3~VDD+0.3 or 4.0 (*1) 42 -0.3~VDD+0.3 or 4.0 (*1) -0.3~+1.6 10 -0.3~RBIAS2+0.3 or +1.6 (*2) -0.3~RBIAS2+0.3 or +1.6 (*2) 120 Operating Ambient Temperature Topr -40~+85 Storage Temperature Tstg -55~+125 * All voltages are described based on the VSS1 and VSS2 pin. VSS1 pin and VSS2 pin should be connected each other outside. (*1) The maximum value should be either VDD+0.3V or +4.0V in the lowest. (*2) The maximum value should be either RBIAS2+0.3V or +1.6V in the lowest. Ta=25 UNITS V V mA V V dBm V V mW ℃ ℃ 4/18

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XC2406A816UR-G datasheet
XC2406A816UR-G pinouts
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1.6GHz ON/OFF Function LNA

Torex Semiconductor
Torex Semiconductor

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