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Analog Devices에서 제조한 전자 부품 HMC7543은 전자 산업 및 응용 분야에서
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HMC7543의 기능 및 특징 중 하나는 "E-Band Power Amplifier" 입니다.

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HMC7543 기능
E-Band Power Amplifier
Analog Devices
Analog Devices 로고 

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Data Sheet 71 GHz to 76 GHz, E-Band Power Amplifier With Power Detector HMC7543 FEATURES Gain: 21.5 dB typical Output power for 1 dB compression (P1dB): 25 dBm typical Saturated output power (PSAT): 26.5 dBm typical Output third-order intercept (OIP3): 30 dBm typical Input return loss: 12 dB typical Output return loss: 12 dB typical DC supply: 4 V at 450 mA No external matching required Die size: 3.599 mm × 1.999 mm × 0.05 mm APPLICATIONS E-band communication systems High capacity wireless backhaul radio systems Test and measurement GENERAL DESCRIPTION The HMC7543 is an integrated E-band gallium arsenide (GaAs), pseudomorphic (pHEMT), monolithic m

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HMC7543 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Table 2. Parameter Drain Bias Voltage (VDD1 to VDD4) Gate Bias Voltage (VGG1 to VGG4) Maximum Junction Temperature (to Maintain 1 Million Hours Mean Time to Failure (MTTF)) Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Rating 4.5 V −3 V to 0 V 175°C −55°C to +85°C −65°C to +150°C Stresses at or above those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the product. This is a stress rating only; functional operation of the product at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational section of this specification is not implied. Operation beyond the maximum operating conditions for extended periods may affect product reliability. Data Sheet THERMAL RESISTANCE Table 3. Thermal Resistance Package Type 25-Pad Bare Die [CHIP] θJC1 48.33 1 Based on ABLETHERM® 2600BT as die attach epoxy with thermal conductivity of 20 W/mK. Unit °C/W ESD CAUTION Rev. A | Page 4 of 16

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HMC7543 datasheet
HMC7543 pinouts
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E-Band Power Amplifier

Analog Devices
Analog Devices

14.2 Gbps Asynchronous 4-Channel Signal Conditioner

Analog Devices
Analog Devices

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